The scents, colors and beauty flowers bring to your home has no equal. If you want to show your “flower power” with a garden that is vibrant and lush, you need to put some passion into every petal. To keep your garden pest-free and create brilliant blooms, explore BioAdvanced’s® full line of science-based rose and flower solutions. We make it easier than ever to prevent diseases, kill and protect against insects and feed plants for weeks at a time. Develop a new connection to nature and have the garden of your dreams with BioAdvanced®.

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  1. Plant Food Plus Insect Control Spikes-10 Spikes
    Plant Food Plus Insect Control Spikes-10 Spikes
    • 2-in-1 formula kills listed insects while feeding your plants
    • Includes convenient, easy-to-use applicator
    • For indoor and outdoor potted plants, treats ten 5" pots
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