About us

Jean-Paul Simmler

President - SBM Company

Alexandre Simmler

General Manager - SBM Life Science

We are a family owned company

SBM Company is a family-owned group of French origin, created 30 years ago and present in more than 31 countries throughout Europe and North America. SBM designs, homologates, produces, and markets products for the care and protection of crops, gardens, and homes. Recognized for its expertise in both the agricultural and consumer markets, SBM manages its entire value chain, from R&D to distribution. Sustainable Innovation is at the heart of the Group's strategy to ensure it constantly adapts to market changes.

The group operates in three areas of activity:

  • Agricultural Crop Protection
  • Home & Garden, which is the Group's principal activity, via its subsidiaries SBM Life Science in Europe and North America
  • Aromatherapy, under the LCA brands to take care of its health thanks to the power of plants, VETOform for care, beauty and well-being of pets and the brand VetoNUT for their nutrition.

A word from 

Alexandre Simmler

At SBM Life Science, we want to reconnect human beings with nature, give gardens and plants an even more important place in our lives, and make living spaces synonymous with well-being. Our entrepreneurial and French family DNA makes us passionate. And thanks to our teams and partners, we believe in the power of innovation and collective intelligence. Together, we find and propose the best solutions, products, and services to accompany consumers throughout the seasons to sow, care for, cultivate, maintain, and embellish all garden forms and protect living spaces. We do this without opposing nature to science or performance to responsibility. On the contrary, we reconcile and bring these elements together. We will never stop trying to innovate together and do everything possible to allow everyone, through simple gestures, to interact with our planet and contribute to maintaining the balance with the greatest respect for species and future generations.

We are united to give nature a bigger space in our lives.

Let's grow tomorrow together!

Our vision

United to give nature a bigger space in our lives.

our mission

To ease the consumer’s daily life by offering them innovative and responsible solutions and services for their plants and living spaces.

Our values

Passion - Authenticity - Responsibility - Boldness

Since 2021, following a diagnosis and analysis of our actions, we have set ourselves a course for a more sustainable future.

A CSR trajectory we have named “Grow Our Future“, consistent with our brand commitment and structured around 4 sincere and concrete priorities, capable of involving every one of our employees, customers and partners.

4 strong commitments reconciling nature and science, performance and responsibility, and helping each and every one of us to be agents of change.




31 countries

In which SBM Company operates