Black Vine Weevils

Black Vine Weevils damage over 100 different ornamental plants, including broadleaf, evergreen and deciduous trees throughout the United States. While both the adult and larvae can cause damage, the larvae are the most significant.


Black Vine Weevil larvae are small, ½ inch long c-shaped white Grubs that inflict damage by tunneling through roots as they feed, causing yellow leaves, stunted growth, and increasing the risk of root diseases like Phytophthora.

Adult Black Vine Weevils are black or slate gray and can grow to ¾ inch long. They are flightless, with a short snout, "elbowed" antennae and patches of short hair on their wings. Adults damage plants by chewing crescent-shaped notches on leaves.


Black Vine Weevils are found throughout the Northern half of the United States, from the Carolinas in the South to Oregon in the West.

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