Centipedes have elongated, flat, segmented bodies with anywhere from 15 to 177 pairs of legs, depending on species. Length-wise, most range from 1/6 inch to six inches. They come in various colors, but brown and reddish-orange are common. Centipedes are beneficial in that they will feed on worms, spiders, and insects. They can be found hiding in damp, dark areas (under concrete slabs, inside floor drains, in mulch and cardboard boxes). There are two key ways to identify them vs. Millipedes. Centipedes move quickly away when disturbed and Millipedes curl up into a ball.


Centipedes are not really a threat to lawns and gardens, but can become a nuisance if they infest your home. Most Centipedes are carnivorous, and feed on insects, spiders and worms.


Centipedes are found throughout the United States.

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Cultural Solutions

  • Make sure there aren't any cracks in your windows or doors, and any cracks in your foundation are sealed.