Fire Ants

Fire Ants are red and black ants, they range from ⅛ in to ⅜ inch in length, that build large nests or mounds in the ground. The mounds can reach one to two feet in height with underground tunnels that can be up to 15 feet deep.


The painful sting of Fire Ants make them a serious public health threat. Mounds or nests are usually found in lawns, gardens and pasturelands and near electrical equipment. Occasionally, Fire Ants will even migrate indoors when compelled by rain or drought. They mostly feed on other insects, but also feed on fruit, seeds and plants. A Fire Ant sting can sometimes take up to two weeks to fully heal. It can be especially serious for people who are allergic or if the bite becomes infected. They can also sting pets.


Fire Ants are only found in the southern half of the United States, almost exclusively in the Southeast. If you live in the Southwest and suspect you have found Fire Ants, contact your local cooperative extension office.

Similar or Related Pests

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Cultural Solutions

  • Keep areas of the home clean and food-free, take trash out regularly. They are often attracted to greasy, oily foods.
  • Patch cracks in windows or doors.