Scorpions are arachnids, making them closely related to Spiders, Ticks and Mites. Most Scorpions have long, slender bodies that can range from 1-7 inches long in length and have a distinctive, five-segmented tail tipped with a stinger that arches over their back. They have two distinctive pinchers on their front appendages. Scorpions can be yellow, blue, reddish-brown, or black. They like to hide under rocks, boards and other protective objects or dwellings. 


Scorpions are capable of inflicting painful stings, similar to Bee stings. Only a few species of Scorpions are actually poisonous, and those are only found in the Southwest.  Scorpions usually stay to themselves unless provoked.


Scorpions are most commonly found in the drier habitats in the South and Southwest US.

Cultural Solutions

  • Seal crack and crevices to keep Scorpions from invading homes.
  • Don't leave shoes, clothing or wet towels outside where Scorpions can hide.