Spotted Spurge

Spotted Spurge is a low-growing, annual broadleaf weed. It has tiny, pale to dark green oval leaves that usually have a purple spot in the center. Tiny pink to white flowers bloom in late spring through summer. Stems ooze a milky white sap when broken. As with most members of the spurge family, sap can be a skin irritant.

Spurge is commonly found in lawns, cracks in walkways and driveways, and shrub beds. It can form a dense mat up to 2 feet in diameter.


Spotted Spurge is found throughout the United States.

Related or Similar Plants

Prostrate Spurge, Milk Purslane, Milk Spurge

Cultural Solutions

  • Hoe or pull before setting seed.
  • Mulch heavily.
  • Maintain healthy, vigorous turf.